Posted by: power09er | August 30, 2009

Some updates…

So since we haven’t updated our blog in a while, since May, here are some things we have been up to:

1.  Pam has been back to Oregon twice since May and both Pam and Trav are heading back in under three weeks for Pam’s brother’s wedding on September 12th.
2.  Pam went on a work trip to Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.  Drove over nine hours and visited five hotels/resorts searching for the perfect spot for a work function and found it!
3.  Travis finished summer classes for his masters and is now into his fall term, only a little over a year and a half to go till he is done!
4.  Pam, Travis, Kaiser and about six other friends and two dogs went camping over the Fourth of July, had a blast and Kaiser slept for two days afterwards.
5.  Robin and Vince came to visit
6.  Lots of housework and lots of yard work
7.  Lots of work
8.  Oh and we survived and saw our first tornado, crazy!

Here are some pictures to share  🙂



  1. Travis looks like a completely different character in that hat!

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