Posted by: power09er | September 8, 2009

Our Tough “Labor” Day

So instead of having a more relaxed Monday, Trav and I ended up doing some major demo work.  I had hoped we had some before photos, I can’t seem to find them, of our wet bar area in the basement.  For those that hadn’t seen our basement, it was completely covered in wood paneling and plastered foundation walls.  Over the winter Trav and I renovated and finished our office, though we still need to put in the moulding.

So on Monday sitting at breakfast on our patio Trav decided he finally wanted to start the demo on the basement.  So off we went to pull over 800SF of ceiling tile down, removed the wet bar, cut all the water lines and cleaned up the entire space.  Took us about 9-10 hours to complete and man I was tired by the time we were done.  However we are ready to put in a new ceiling, new recessed lights, put in a new bar however with no sink, build storage and carpet.  Now to save up!

Here are some pictures of the demo….

Labor Day Weekend Hopme Demo

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