Posted by: power09er | October 4, 2009

Another weekend modding.

This is Travis. First off, thanks Jim for the groomsman gift. You hit me at just about the right time because I’m back into computers! The swiss army knife with computer functions is pretty sweet. Actually, the truth is a while ago I decided that spending money on computers was not very smart, due to the depreciation and how fast the technology changes. You can never stay on top. Recently though, I’ve upgraded and I’ve been learning it all over again for fun.

This weekend I re-modded my case. I decided to add another radiator to it, so that the cooling power of the system would be more. I can run my processor at 1.5 volts, 1.45 NB-CPU volts and not overheat but the temps get into the 50s. In addition, I think that in the future I might water cool my GPU. With all this in mind, went to the store and bought a 120.3 (which means 120mm x 3) and some other parts to make it all work out. I went to home depot (only making two trips) and got a few other things I thought I would need too. Through the 20 hour build most of the extra stuff I got from home depot didn’t end up being used. Anyways…if you want a complete run-down, you can view my post here. The first part of that post was the mod 1. At post #17 is where the new pics are. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too!

A lot of people do very elegant, nice, artistic case mods. I learned that I am not artsy, lol. I just build it so it works and try and make it clean and minimal.



  1. Looks good!

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