Posted by: power09er | October 12, 2009


So for those that didn’t know we got a new foster dog last Thursday. She was only supposed to be here till Saturday but that got moved to Sunday and well long story short the family who was going to adopt her felt it wasn’t a good fit with their dog. So she is now a part of our little family till a new family comes around.

However, today Kaiser and Heidi were playing and rough housing around in the living room and at some point she hit her head, we think on the coffee table, and when she looked at me at some point later after continuing to play, and one of her eyes was not dilating. So I called the vet and rushed her over to the 24 hour hospital for precautionary measures. The vet checked her out and said yes she had head trauma BUT she is responsive and her pressure is not dangerous but because of her age and the injury being a head injury, she wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

Poor Kaiser is missing his buddy and I feel like a horrible foster mom. I know it isn’t our fault and shoot she eggs Kaiser on more than he eggs her on. Things happen, especially with dogs but since she isn’t technically our dog I feel horrible! But with this no news is good news, so I am headed to bed soon and crossing my fingers the phone doesn’t ring and I get to pick the cuddle bug up tomorrow morning. Here are some pictures of her to share.


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