Posted by: power09er | October 17, 2009

The Jungle in the Yard…

Trav and I have yet to really learn to love yard work.  Today is a gorgeos Denver day, clear blue skies, about 60 – 65 and amazing.  I ran downtown this morning while Trav worked on some school work to pick up the relay information and items for the Denver Marathon Relay that myself and three girlfriends are doing.  This should have only taken an hour but do to staffing difficulties, of course it took longer.

By the time I got home around 1:15pm, I left about 10:45am, Travf was in the backyard working on the project we have both been dreading.  With both of us working on clearing out the weeds, pulling out the tree starts, the roots are so close to the sureface that little trees start out of the roots, and the trimming back our trees, it took probably 4.5 hours to do just the area photographed.

Tomorrow should hopefully be a day of running, breakfast and then relaxing.  And Merrilee, I wish we did more just sitting on the weekends.  🙂  However there are some things we just have to get done before the snow hits, silly snow….


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