Posted by: power09er | October 21, 2009

Marathon Weekend

This past weekend marked the second annual Girls Marathon Relay weekend.  Three friends of mine here in Denver, plus myself, ran the Denver Marathon on as relay for the second time.  Last year we were thrilled to just make it through and this year we were stoked to beat our time!  We completed the 26.2 miles in under four hours, I think specifically Shannon said 3hrs 50-55 minutes.

For myself I did the nine mile leg, ended up being about 9.2ish and was stoked to finish my leg in an 1hr 13 minutes.  That means my pace was 8 min miles or lower, I averaged for the first 7 miles about 7:50’s and the last two was a slight uphill so my pace dropped about 10-20 sec per mile.  This was my fastest pace so far, woo hoo!

The day was perfection for a race.  The morning was about 40-45, clear skies and no wind.  Lindsay started us off with the six mile leg that wound through downtown, past Invesco, past the Pepsi Center, our old office and then up to city park.  At city park, which is across from East High, where random fact The Fray filmed their video for Over My Head and I have a great picture of it, Lindsay handed off to Courtney, who is eleven weeks pregnant and ran like a champ despite nausea for her four mile leg.

I met Courtney at Cheeseman Park about 8:45am, which it was already about 60 by this time, and off I went through the neighborhoods, Capital Hill, Governers Park, Denver Country Club, Cherry Creek and then Wash Park.  Shannon took on the final seven mile leg which runs through the up and coming Santa Fe Arts District, more of Wash Park and then finishes back at Civic Park right next to the Capital.  Here is a link to the course

The event was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year with the same crew, we have all agreed to do it again.  🙂  Here are some great pictures of the day, however after the first leg we forgot to get pictures, but enjoy the first part!


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