Posted by: power09er | December 8, 2009

Why I Run…

I have been trying to write this post for about a month and honestly I have had some fantastic ideas which all come while I am running.  Which trying to run is quite hard to write while running on a treadmill or especially outside. 🙂  Tray and I were having a conversation about a month ago about why do I run, which was a part of a larger picture and discussion we have been having but that is another post, and I really had to try and verbalize what running means to me.

For those that aren’t runners it is so hard to verbalize what running really does to someone, mentally more than physically.  The physical benefits are easy to see, the slimmer waist, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and numerous other benefits.  The mental ones are the ones that most runners continue to run for.  For me running is a HUGE stress reliever and a time I can really block everything out and work through problems I am having, issues that are bugging me or where new ideas come to me.  It is where honestly I feel the most comfortable and confident in myself.

A perfect example is that work right now has been a huge struggle: I am being pushed to do things I have never done and honestly never thought I would do.  So my creative juices, patience and self worth/confidence has really been tested and drained.  However, whenever I run I develop solutions for the problems, forget the problems all together or develop other options.  Not only am I am to really dive into the thoughts into my head but I am able to refill my self confidence and do something that I know I am good at, maybe not the best, but good for me.

Sometimes I run outside and sometimes I run inside, which is how the conversation came up, I have been trying to convince Trav that a treadmill for me (& Kaiser) would be fantastic.  We have a gym about ten minutes in either direction from us, but sometimes I just don’t want to drive, say first thing in the morning or later at night, so a treadmill at home would be perfect for me, plus we could train Kaiser to use it.  Luckily one of the gyms has the newest treadmills that on each treadmill there is a personal TV with full cable, so I guess I can tough it out and watch some of my favorite shows while getting my 5-6 miles on the treadmill.

I also enjoy doing runs or races with friends now as I get older.  I still am pretty competitive, but to run and hang out with friends is much more important to me.  I have done a full marathon, the Hood to Coast (one of the most fun runs I have ever done), the Denver Marathon Relay twice, turkey trot, fun runs and more.  This next year I am hoping to do the Moab half marathon with some friends, a triathlon, the Denver Half Marathon and maybe one or two more runs.  I hope to keep running for years, how much we shall see, but hopefully enough that Trav doesn’t kill me and I don’t kill him.


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