Posted by: power09er | January 25, 2010


So for my birthday, we celebrated a week early since Caris was in town, Caris made us a fantastic dinner and AMAZING cake.  BUT the best part Caris got me the Glee Soundtrack Part 1 and it is AMAZING!!!  I am in love with this show, takes me back to going to musicals and watching them with my mom.  🙂

Here are some videos from the show for everyone to enjoy, but THANKS CARIS!

Oh and Idina Menzel is joining the Glee cast this Spring, super excited for that.  Idina is married to Taye Diggs, has been in Rent, won awards for her role in Wicked as Elphabaand is just beautiful and has a fantastic voice.

Oh and check out Kristen Chenoweth on Glee too:



  1. What fun watching all those great clips with even greater songs! I’m going out tomorrow to get the Glee cd! Thanks for putting the youtubes on there. Think I’ll watch Rent tomorrow too!

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