Posted by: power09er | February 2, 2010

28…28 years old

So I have been sporadic about posting which I always say I am going to do better about but well things just come up and blogging goes to the end of the list.  I thought maybe posting about now being 28, two years away from 30, would be a good post.  I am going to just do a reminiscing list of 28 things about me…

1.  I have moved over 14 times since I graduated high school
2.  My parents have been married for 31 years, something I hope Trav and I can do and still be in love as we are today.
3.  My dad’s parents were married for 50 years, a major feat.
4.  I originally planned on going to college to either be a doctor or lawyer, both I am sure of which I would not enjoy as much as I thought I would have.
5.  I was born in Boise, and spent one semester of college in Boise, living there for under a year total for my entire life.  Enough that I know I don’t ever want to live there again.
6.  I have now spent over 10 years of my life running.  The amount per week and the goals change, but I still am going…
7.  I still love to read as much as I did when I was a kid.  The book shave changed and the hours a day change, but I still love losing myself in someone else’s story.
8.  I have visited twenty of the states, and as we have kids I hope to visit all 50.
9.  Travis and I met the very first day of high school.  He sat behind me in Geometry and still remembers to this day the jeans I wore.
10.  Travis and I never officially dated in high school – Pam tried once but then we both we in too separate of groups to ever hang out
11.   I have known my best friend since the first day of high school, if you read this you know who you are cranky man…
12.  I don’t have one thing I would say I have a passion for, I enjoy doing lots of things and doing them for the fun of it.
13.  My mom wanted me to date Travis all through high school, she thought he was the nicest & cutest boy
14.  I have lived in San Francisco and still see this city as my favorite place in this world.  The people, the location, the activities,  the weather and the geography.  I would move here again in an instant (if we become independently wealthy)
15.  I have a deep desire to go to Greece, Italy and Turkey.  I love history and the amount of ancient history is astounding to me.
16.   I can’t wait to have kids.  Do I wish we could start now, yes.  Is it in our, and our kids, best interest to wait, yes.  So I offer free babysitting services to all my fantastic friends having kids now.
18.  I love Colorado, the weather, the mountains, the snow, the people and the attitude.  I honestly can’t see myself living in Oregon anymore.  Anyone up for a relo?
19.  I took piano lessons for years and disappointed in myself for quitting.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than the sound of the piano…
20.  I love musicals, Glee, Wicked, Meet Me in St. Louis, White Christmas, Oklahoma, 1776, Rent, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Operah, I could go on and on.
21.  I think I am a romantic but the more I am with Trav the more I realize how much I love the simple things like a sweet and meaningful card, a heartfelt gesture and the little things in life.
22.  I have the best dog ever.  Kaiser is my running partner, motivation and buddy.  I wish I could be like him and excited beyond belief every morning that I woke up.
23.  I have a bad habit of picking things up and wanting to put them away but getting sidetracked before that item(s) reach their correct location, drives Trav nuts!
24.  I honestly wish I had the knack for decorating a house.  I know what I like but when it comes to doing it, I struggle.  I just never have been a nester.
25.  I went deer hunting with my dad when I was 12 years old.  This is when I learned the love country music.  PLUS I have never been hunting again.
26.  I was told as a kid I only had two speeds, dead stop or full speed.  My parents lost a door to the house from the garage, broke my arm, ran into walls, etc.  I never paid attention even when going full speed….I think I grew out of this…
27.  My very first concert was down at the Salem Armory with two girls I took piano lessons with and my Aunt Carole.  We saw Boy II Men, TLC and Montel Jordan, nice…………..
28.  My life isn’t what I though it would be but that is the fun part.  I am so excited to see what the next 28 years holds and where we go from here.

There is so much going on right now that I wish I could share but in time it will come out.  🙂  Here is to a roller coaster of a first 28 years and to whatever the next 28 holds.



  1. #18 – BOOOOOOOOO

    • wow – that was very reflective. nice. oh by the by – your mothers parents were also married for over 50 years. you have good “bones” in that department. love you.

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