Posted by: power09er | February 15, 2010

I Love My Weimies…

Before Trav and I adopted Kaiser I can honestly say I had never known what a Weimaraner was.  Now I think I will always have this breed.  I love that Kaiser has such a specific personality, is very loyal to Trav and I but also is such a fun buddy.  He definitely has his moments where he tests me, but in the end he is my best pal.  Someday we may have a second one but for now I love being able to grab him and go for a run, hit the dog park or just wander our neighborhood.

The rescue met a fabulous photographer who has donated her services to us to get some amazing shots of adoptable Weims and I hope to have her donate a package or two to our Weim & Cheese event in October.

Here is some of her work, she really is super talented.  Hopefully soon we can have a session with Mister Kaiser.  Plus I love supporting local artists and business owners.  Check her out here: Jamie Rowe



  1. Super photos–looks like a great dog.

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