Posted by: power09er | February 17, 2010

Just hold on baby, hold on…

Since our house was not brand new when we purchased it, it was built in 1959, and we got to keep all of the appliances it was a nice move for us because we didn’t have to immediately spend thousands of dollars on new appliances.  However, slowly these items are starting to show their age.  About a month ago the garage door motor stopped working.  Trav took the cover off the motor and this is basically what he found.

The gear had become completely worn down and the shavings were all over the inside.  Luckily he found on Amazon that would could order new replacement parts, phew we didn’t have to order a new system.  Hopefully the parts should be here Monday and we can see if we can get the garage door working again.  I don’t mind doing the old fashioned opening and closing of the garage but with it being winter and snow coming, it starts to get a bit old.

I swear I do laundry at least once a week and this week has been no different, however I am realizing my 20 year old dryer may be on it’s last legs.  This thing is so old it doesn’t run off electricity but off of natural gas.  So hopefully if and when it dies we can finally upgrade and then maybe do a redesign of the laundry area.  It is a great area but unfinished.  So I would love to just drywall the room in, create a closet for the storage under the stairs and create shelf space, counter space and maybe put in a radio or something so I am not down there in the hole.  This is nice in terms of a layout but I would do a different color, paint the cement floor and make it more me.

The one below is sort of my dream laundry room but without the beach feel, I prefer more of a clean look.  BUT the layout is amazing!

Hmmm, our master shower has stopped working.  Denver has very hard water, meaning we have lots of minerals in the water which causes the shower heads and faucets to become clogged with the minerals.  We got a filter, which I inadvertently broke but when we just put the head back on without the filter, it still isn’t working.  At some point we are going to completely redo the master bath but until then I just don’t want ot have to deal with going behind the tile to fix any plumbing issues…

So I am crossing all my fingers and toes that if the garage door replacement parts work, the master bath is an easy fix and that nothing else goes out for about 20-22 months, I am going to be thrilled.


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