Posted by: power09er | June 5, 2010


It has been a long time since my last post and I was hoping to have different news for everyone but I will update everyone on the last four months.

1.  Trav and I celebrated our one year anniversary.  We spent a weekend up in Estes Park at The Stanley Hotel.  It was a ton of fun, dumped snow the entire time and I look forward to going up sometime in the summer/fall to see it without all the snow.

2.  Michael Buble is amazing!  Ahna and I purchased tickets for her, her mom Tracey and my mom to go see Michael Buble in Portland as their birthday present.  BUT they didn’t know I had gotten a ticket as well so I wrapped an ISC work trip in with the concert and saw Michael Buble from the 7th row on the floor, amazing!

3.  I ran the Moab Half Marathon.  This was a ton of fun, we went with like 8 people most all ran and had a personal best of 1 hour 55 minutes!  While we were there we went into Arches National Park, which was beautiful!  I can’t wait to go back and do all the hikes when I am not super stiff and tired from running 13 miles.

4.  I finally was able to apply for the Marketing position that I helped create and define at the University of Colorado in the Engineering Manager Program, yes the program that Trav is getting his Masters in.

5.  I interviewed and was told that the program had people who had twice the experience as me apply and interview so as much as they loved me and my enthusiasm they were going to give the job to someone else.  Yeah that was a major ouch and blow to my ego and the time I put in.

6.  I was furloughed from my job.  A furloughed is unpaid time off, typically done in a manufacturing setting and with a specific times frame (ie 1 week a month, 1 day a week, etc) however my company did them, numerous, on a TBD timeframe.  Essentially I was laid off but they were continuing to pay my benefits.

7.  One week after my furlough I was asked to return since someone else had cut back from a FTE position to a 10-15 hour a week consulting position and was forgoing his benefits.  So now they had some more money to be able to pay me.  I talked with Trav and after speaking with my boss, and hearing through co-worker the amount of drama and change happening, none of it positive, that I would just leave the organization and find a new job.  This officially happened barely two weeks ago.

8.  I have been applying for numerous positions, about 15 in the last three weeks.  I have interviewed at about five of them and am currently waiting for a few follow up interviews and have already been told by one organization, I had two interviews with them, that they are moving in a different direction with their search.  I am positive that I will find something great and I have really been enjoying the time off, re-centering myself and my career.  I have painted our bedroom, organized our office and been doing quite a bit of work for ISC.  🙂

So the week ahead looks promising and I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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