Posted by: power09er | June 14, 2010

What I have been up to…

So since I have been unemployed I have been having a great time catching up on things around the house, I painted our bedroom, hung curtains, hung a ceiling fan/lighting fixture and have been helping my parents sign business, kicking up the planning on the Annual Weim & Cheese Fundraiser, working on Trav’s new website, Branding & Marketing for a new counseling business for a friend of a friend, camping, hanging with the dog and well I know there is more.  BUT I thought I would share some of the work I have done in pictures too.  🙂

Before it was blue, after it is a cream/grey

Hung the curtains

Hung the ceiling fan



Your Way Counseling Business Card Layouts

Your_Way _Brochure

I am also going to do a letterhead for the Your Way Counseling & a website.  So…needless to say I have been staying busy.  Still have been applying to about 5-10 jobs a week and I am definitely trying to be more picky about the next move I make.  I want this to be a long term change.  So everyone keep your fingers crossed!



  1. It’s pretty sad when I have to check your blog to see what you two are up to these days! Love the pictures of the work you’ve done – GREAT JOB! We are going to the Glassman’s on the 4th …will you guys be able to make that? Would be fun to see you and catch up!

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