Posted by: power09er | July 7, 2010

Weim Rescue Work – No Fosters Just Sponsors

Allison - Migh High Weimaraner Rescue Dog


As everyone knows I am heavily involved with the Weimaraner Rescue here in Denver.  Unfortunately we can’t foster for a while but that hasn’t diminished my work with the doggies.  I am chairing our annual fundraiser, Weim & Cheese, help with transports, events, home visits and now am sponsoring dogs in boarding facilities near our home.  Sponsoring dogs in boarding is a new thing and I have partnered with a fun and fabulous gal in New Mexico.  We financially support the dogs a bit, we cover the cost of their food, maybe the cost of boarding and then for those in town like me I will go to the boarding facility and walk the dogs, play with them get to know them and then transport them to events where they can get to meet potential adopters.

Today was the first day that I went and visited my sponsor doggie, Allison. Read more about Allison here and why she is in rescue.  Here is what I sent the gal in New Mexico about my visit.

Allison - Mile High Weim Rescue Dog


“Allison, who is Daisy’s sister, was transferred from the boarding facility in Brighton, I am sure you saw the emails about this, to Best Friends in Wheat Ridge which is a much more manageable drive so I can visit numerous times week.  I went by Costco and the food and then went by Target and got a bin with a lockable lid that the boarding facility can keep there and we can continue to just refill the bin with food as it runs out.  The bin was labeled in permanent marker that it was MHWR and the women at the facility was super sweet.  She actually said we are one of the most proactive rescues that they work with and we treat our doggies the best.

I went to get Allison sprung for a nice long walk, but about halfway through our walk it started POURING and lightning and thunder.  However, from the moment I went to her kennel she was nothing but a doll.  I had heard she could get nippy if cornered, that she has leash aggression with dogs and is just as scared as Daisy.  When I went in her kennel with her leash, she sat and immediately let me put her collar on her and she was very excited for her walk.  We sat out in the lobby for a moment, I went down to pet her and let her sniff me and I even got some very sweet kisses.  On our walk she was fantastic, she was a bit nervous, had a low tail but after a good ten minutes it started to raise, she went potty very nicely on leash and was not a puller or crazy.  It was amazing to walk a rescue dog who had some basic leash manners.  J  When the weather got bad enough that we had to turn around, she picked up her pace as she definitely wanted to get out of the rain.  🙂  Between her and I we would have definitely won a wet T-shirt contest.

Allison - Mile High Weimaraner Rescue Dog


Keri she is the sweetest thing ever and if you ever make it up you have to meet her.  I plan on making it back over to walk her on Saturday, but with the possibility of leash aggression I won’t take her to the event on Saturday or Sunday, not until I know I can work with her and see how bad it really is and that I can control her and work with her.”


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