Posted by: power09er | July 12, 2010

Another Visit to Allison

Allison the Weimaraner

Ready for my close up

Here is another email I sent to my wonderful partner in crime about my most recent visit to our sponsor doggie Allison.  Want to sponsor a doggie by taking them out of boarding and going for walks or to the dog park?  Check out to see who you can sponsor.

“So I went to visit Allison again today and since it was a beautiful day we went for about an hour long walk.  I made it up to the boarding facility around 3:30pm which was perfect since it is a really mellow time for them and I was able to chat with the managers about how she is doing, etc.  They absolutely love her.  They say they have seen a big difference in her attitude, not so jittery, more relaxed and I would agree.  She definitely enjoys the walks because for the first half of the walk she is all over the place.  She sniffs everything, just exploring, but I am still amazed at this, she doesn’t pull, at all.  When I went to get her out of her kennel she definitely remembered me, she politely backed up and let me in and was so excited when I put her collar on and off we went.

Allison lounging after our walk

Cool down time

What is making me super happy about this girl is that I had been told she has leash aggression, will bite if she is cornered and just a very scared dog.  This time with the weather better I was excited to see how she would do with people on bikes, walkers, runners, kids, other dogs, etc.  We were pretty much by ourselves for the first 10-15 minutes which was nice because then she could go potty, I could try and get pictures, and get her ants out of her pants.  Oh and did I mention I got big kisses the moment I put her collar on her.  Oh and the other thing that is super cute when we walk she always comes and nudges my hand just to sort of say hi thanks for taking me out.  After about 10-15 minutes in we encountered our first biker, he rode by and she didn’t give him a second look.  Woo Hoo!

The rest of the walk she passed with flying colors.  We saw a couple doggies going for walks as well and she started to turn her head to focus on them and with a nice correction to say hey focus on our walk, and she was good to go.  J  When we got back to Best Friends she laid down for a bit while I chatted with the manager about our walk and I am sorry she is so adorable because if I moved she would scoot on the floor, wouldn’t even bother to get up, to get closer.  When I put her back she was happy but reluctant to go back in her kennel but I made sure she knows I will be back again on Thursday and we are going for another walk.

Scratch my belly

Scratch my belly please

Here are some fun pictures!  The one of her on her back I know she is saying Keri come rub my belly!”

I really enjoy being able to see this dog outside of the kennel, giving her some love and attention and showing her the big bright world that is so much fun.  I really hope someone who wants a very special Weim/Lab will adopt this beautiful blonde girl.

Oh and PS Weim & Cheese tickets are on sale!!!  Anyone in Colorado want to come out for a good time and good wine?  Oh yeah and we have some awesome auction items!  Weim & Cheese Website



  1. Thank you so very much, Pam. I do wish I was there to spend time with you and Allison.

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