Posted by: power09er | January 17, 2011

Wow another long time

Tough MudderWow it has been another long hiatus since my last post. To be honest I just haven’t been in a blogging mood. For those who have been in the know, which is pretty much everyone who reads this blog, you know I spent May-Oct unemployed. I used most of my time to work on Weim & Cheese, the big annual fundraiser for the weim rescue and doing some random contract work. In October I started a new gig on a trial basis, which has become a full time permanent position as of Jan 10.

So between October & now, I have helped with another event, ProductCamp, worked a lot, went to Cabo, went to Oregon, got massively sick with the plague and now here we are 13 days before I turn 29 & in 2011.

2011 is shaping to be a good year but a year of transitions. Trav is finishing his Master’s in Engineering Management focusing on Product Management/Development. There is so much up in the air regarding his next steps but he is working through them and we both are excited to see what is next for him.

Lets see, for me, well I am planning on keeping the new gig as long as they will keep me. It is a HUGE change for me from services to products/manufacturing but I have a great boss, all the room to do what I want and can to help meet strategic means and I have been put in charge of some major projects. So it is challenging, a lot of work, but it is teaching me a lot. Oh and I am starting to take some classes in web stuff. Specifically I am looking at courses in WordPress coding, editing, photoshop for the web, some advanced SEO techniques and some other HTML classes. I am trying to take my taught myself knowledge to a bit of a higher level. I am really finding I love to see how marketing and the web can pull together to be really powerful. Plus I have an inner geek that loves how it all comes together. 🙂

Hmmm otherwise I am looking at a few races, one called the Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, now looking at the Warrior Dash, maybe a half marathon but definitely some 5K’s and 10K’s. Anything fun and crazy, count me in! I want to have a heck of a lot more fun this year than last year. No time to be serious, time to enjoy Denver/Colorado and friends.


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