Our Home Projects

Since purchasing our first home September of 2008, the updating projects seem endless both inside and outside of the house.  Here are the projects we have completed and are currently in progress as well as pictures of our home before.  We know you can only do so much but we keep learning, keep trying to be creative and turn a 1950’s ranch house into a warm cozy home for us, our dogs and future family.

Living Room Changes…
Below are the before and after pictures for our living room.  We have definitely made a lot of changes here.  We painted the fireplace, painted the fireplace screen, got a new rug, got a new bookshelf (actually two bookshelves we pushed together), got sheers and curtains and painted.  My next big thing is trying to add more wall decor now that we have our wedding pictures, the wall decor seems to be the most expensive part since we have such large walls.

Trav and I also have been working on our basement slowly over time.  The first project in the basement was to demo the old guest room that had lovely wood paneling, the accordian door and really was just a random room across from the wet bar.  Trav and I added an overhead light, a wood door with 15 glass panels, drywall, floor tile and we are just waiting to get a compound mitre saw to finish the moulding.  This project definitely tested our DIY abilities and well I can say I hope I never have to tape, mud or sand when dry walling.  I will gladly pay someone to do that from now.  I really hope to finish the office in the next 6 months and clean up the edges oif the office, the moulding and maybe get some window treatments.  Organization is a whole other story.  Check out our progress:


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