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I Love My Weimies…

Before Trav and I adopted Kaiser I can honestly say I had never known what a Weimaraner was.  Now I think I will always have this breed.  I love that Kaiser has such a specific personality, is very loyal to Trav and I but also is such a fun buddy.  He definitely has his moments where he tests me, but in the end he is my best pal.  Someday we may have a second one but for now I love being able to grab him and go for a run, hit the dog park or just wander our neighborhood.

The rescue met a fabulous photographer who has donated her services to us to get some amazing shots of adoptable Weims and I hope to have her donate a package or two to our Weim & Cheese event in October.

Here is some of her work, she really is super talented.  Hopefully soon we can have a session with Mister Kaiser.  Plus I love supporting local artists and business owners.  Check her out here: Jamie Rowe

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been a big thing for Trav and I.  Trav pretty much hates Valentine’s Day but has always tried to make it nice for me.  BUT last year when we got married I decided we would forever ignore Valentine’s Day, well I will reinstate it when we have kids but do it only for the kids, and instead we celebrate our anniversary, which is the week later, and that is WAY more important to me.

I am so excited for our weekend away at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  For those that don’t know, Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining during one of his many stays at the hotel.  Many of his early works are based on Colorado towns, filed and written here and I love finding out more and more.  The Shining is probably his most famous, and also was filmed at Timberline Lodge (the exterior shots), The Stand is another and Misery.  Also I just found out Stephen King lived in Boulder for a year as well. I love going out and exploring all these new and fun places in Colorado, there are just so many.  Maybe next time someone comes to visit we can go up to the actual South Park, haha, maybe see Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Eric.  🙂

Trav and I are getting a doggy sitter for Kaiser, well our friend Colin has said he will watch Kaiser.  We are going ot stay two nights, take the history and ghost tour, get a couples massage and do a nice dinner.  I am so excited!!!  This will be way better than a normal Valentine’s Day.  And you bet I am going to take a ton of pictures!  I hope we have snow, so we can sit in the lobby by a fire, enjoy a sunset and just stare out at the Rocky Mountains.

Well now that I am listening to my favorite band Lifehouse and my new favorite Matt Nathanson it is time to call it a night.

Oh and if you want to have some fun 🙂

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28…28 years old

So I have been sporadic about posting which I always say I am going to do better about but well things just come up and blogging goes to the end of the list.  I thought maybe posting about now being 28, two years away from 30, would be a good post.  I am going to just do a reminiscing list of 28 things about me…

1.  I have moved over 14 times since I graduated high school
2.  My parents have been married for 31 years, something I hope Trav and I can do and still be in love as we are today.
3.  My dad’s parents were married for 50 years, a major feat.
4.  I originally planned on going to college to either be a doctor or lawyer, both I am sure of which I would not enjoy as much as I thought I would have.
5.  I was born in Boise, and spent one semester of college in Boise, living there for under a year total for my entire life.  Enough that I know I don’t ever want to live there again.
6.  I have now spent over 10 years of my life running.  The amount per week and the goals change, but I still am going…
7.  I still love to read as much as I did when I was a kid.  The book shave changed and the hours a day change, but I still love losing myself in someone else’s story.
8.  I have visited twenty of the states, and as we have kids I hope to visit all 50.
9.  Travis and I met the very first day of high school.  He sat behind me in Geometry and still remembers to this day the jeans I wore.
10.  Travis and I never officially dated in high school – Pam tried once but then we both we in too separate of groups to ever hang out
11.   I have known my best friend since the first day of high school, if you read this you know who you are cranky man…
12.  I don’t have one thing I would say I have a passion for, I enjoy doing lots of things and doing them for the fun of it.
13.  My mom wanted me to date Travis all through high school, she thought he was the nicest & cutest boy
14.  I have lived in San Francisco and still see this city as my favorite place in this world.  The people, the location, the activities,  the weather and the geography.  I would move here again in an instant (if we become independently wealthy)
15.  I have a deep desire to go to Greece, Italy and Turkey.  I love history and the amount of ancient history is astounding to me.
16.   I can’t wait to have kids.  Do I wish we could start now, yes.  Is it in our, and our kids, best interest to wait, yes.  So I offer free babysitting services to all my fantastic friends having kids now.
18.  I love Colorado, the weather, the mountains, the snow, the people and the attitude.  I honestly can’t see myself living in Oregon anymore.  Anyone up for a relo?
19.  I took piano lessons for years and disappointed in myself for quitting.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than the sound of the piano…
20.  I love musicals, Glee, Wicked, Meet Me in St. Louis, White Christmas, Oklahoma, 1776, Rent, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Operah, I could go on and on.
21.  I think I am a romantic but the more I am with Trav the more I realize how much I love the simple things like a sweet and meaningful card, a heartfelt gesture and the little things in life.
22.  I have the best dog ever.  Kaiser is my running partner, motivation and buddy.  I wish I could be like him and excited beyond belief every morning that I woke up.
23.  I have a bad habit of picking things up and wanting to put them away but getting sidetracked before that item(s) reach their correct location, drives Trav nuts!
24.  I honestly wish I had the knack for decorating a house.  I know what I like but when it comes to doing it, I struggle.  I just never have been a nester.
25.  I went deer hunting with my dad when I was 12 years old.  This is when I learned the love country music.  PLUS I have never been hunting again.
26.  I was told as a kid I only had two speeds, dead stop or full speed.  My parents lost a door to the house from the garage, broke my arm, ran into walls, etc.  I never paid attention even when going full speed….I think I grew out of this…
27.  My very first concert was down at the Salem Armory with two girls I took piano lessons with and my Aunt Carole.  We saw Boy II Men, TLC and Montel Jordan, nice…………..
28.  My life isn’t what I though it would be but that is the fun part.  I am so excited to see what the next 28 years holds and where we go from here.

There is so much going on right now that I wish I could share but in time it will come out.  🙂  Here is to a roller coaster of a first 28 years and to whatever the next 28 holds.

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So for my birthday, we celebrated a week early since Caris was in town, Caris made us a fantastic dinner and AMAZING cake.  BUT the best part Caris got me the Glee Soundtrack Part 1 and it is AMAZING!!!  I am in love with this show, takes me back to going to musicals and watching them with my mom.  🙂

Here are some videos from the show for everyone to enjoy, but THANKS CARIS!

Oh and Idina Menzel is joining the Glee cast this Spring, super excited for that.  Idina is married to Taye Diggs, has been in Rent, won awards for her role in Wicked as Elphabaand is just beautiful and has a fantastic voice.

Oh and check out Kristen Chenoweth on Glee too:

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This has been a crazy week or so and my blogging priorities have been put on the back burner as we prepped for my parents (Pam’s) to stay with us over Christmas for five nights.  Trav is taking two weeks off work, I am working just two days this week, and then off for another four day weekend and well Kaiser has become one spoiled pooch, attention and toys.

Our Christmas was fantastic, so nice to able to be at home, spend great quality time with family, though we missed everyone else who were not able to be here.  We had a white Christmas, everyone got to see what single digits feels like and there was tons of cooking and eating.

Now as we look towards 2010 I am very excited for what lies ahead.  Trav and I will have been in Denver three years in October, Kaiser will turn four in February, Trav will be over halfway done with his Masters and well for me I am not sure yet what my milestones will be.  So I hope everyone is enjoying time off and relishing in the holiday season.

Love The Power’s

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Ahna this is for you…

Trav and I happened to watch Twilight about two weeks ago since one of us had put it in our Blockbuster que and we thought it was a good movie but not amazing by any means, but it was good and a nice relaxing movie.  However, Ahna insisted that I read Twilight as it was amazing.  So my shipped out Twilight to me to read and since I didn’t have much else to read I picked it up with not much expectation.

Little did I discover as I inhaled the entire 496 pages in under 24 hours that this book was AMAZING.  I have not been so completely wrapped up in, lost myself in or engrossed in a series like this in years.  I can’t explain it  but the books, though they are very reminisent of Romeo and Juliet, just pull you in, relate so earily to you and as a female to that love you find, the intensity that you feel to be with that person and the whole brooding romance around it.  It is not overtly romantic like a Danielle Steele book, but in a way that is more dark and mysterious.  I found myself smiling and giggling, being sad, etc.  It is nuts!

So I highly recommend these books, I have now finished Twilight and New Moon in 48 hours and plan on reading Eclipse tonight, after I finish wrapping and getting things ready to be shipped for Christmas.

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Christmas Cookies…

When my brother and I were growing up we always made Christmas cookies with my mom while listening to Christmas music.  We made candy cane cookies, hershey kiss cookies, peanut brittle, almond rocha and so many more.  So now that I finally have a pretty decent kitchen I am doing that this year.

I downloaded some new Christmas music, listen to some of my favorite classics like Manheim Steam Roller, Transiberian Orchestra, Harry Connick Jr. and plan on spending a lot of today baking.  The one thing I really do not like about my kitchen is that it is very closed in.  I am walled off from the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, everything.  It sort of stinks because well no one can really talk to me while I am cooking or if Trav is watching TV I can’t see or hear anything.  Oh well, maybe the next house I will have an open floor plan kitchen & living area.

Here are some pictures of the things I am planning on baking.

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Why I Run…

I have been trying to write this post for about a month and honestly I have had some fantastic ideas which all come while I am running.  Which trying to run is quite hard to write while running on a treadmill or especially outside. 🙂  Tray and I were having a conversation about a month ago about why do I run, which was a part of a larger picture and discussion we have been having but that is another post, and I really had to try and verbalize what running means to me.

For those that aren’t runners it is so hard to verbalize what running really does to someone, mentally more than physically.  The physical benefits are easy to see, the slimmer waist, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and numerous other benefits.  The mental ones are the ones that most runners continue to run for.  For me running is a HUGE stress reliever and a time I can really block everything out and work through problems I am having, issues that are bugging me or where new ideas come to me.  It is where honestly I feel the most comfortable and confident in myself.

A perfect example is that work right now has been a huge struggle: I am being pushed to do things I have never done and honestly never thought I would do.  So my creative juices, patience and self worth/confidence has really been tested and drained.  However, whenever I run I develop solutions for the problems, forget the problems all together or develop other options.  Not only am I am to really dive into the thoughts into my head but I am able to refill my self confidence and do something that I know I am good at, maybe not the best, but good for me.

Sometimes I run outside and sometimes I run inside, which is how the conversation came up, I have been trying to convince Trav that a treadmill for me (& Kaiser) would be fantastic.  We have a gym about ten minutes in either direction from us, but sometimes I just don’t want to drive, say first thing in the morning or later at night, so a treadmill at home would be perfect for me, plus we could train Kaiser to use it.  Luckily one of the gyms has the newest treadmills that on each treadmill there is a personal TV with full cable, so I guess I can tough it out and watch some of my favorite shows while getting my 5-6 miles on the treadmill.

I also enjoy doing runs or races with friends now as I get older.  I still am pretty competitive, but to run and hang out with friends is much more important to me.  I have done a full marathon, the Hood to Coast (one of the most fun runs I have ever done), the Denver Marathon Relay twice, turkey trot, fun runs and more.  This next year I am hoping to do the Moab half marathon with some friends, a triathlon, the Denver Half Marathon and maybe one or two more runs.  I hope to keep running for years, how much we shall see, but hopefully enough that Trav doesn’t kill me and I don’t kill him.

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For Jason, Sara, Chris & Caris

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‘Tis The Season…

For those that don’t me, Pam, I absolutely love Christmas and the whole holiday season.  I know I like to celebrate my birthday, I like the celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions but Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.

I don’t Trav shares the enthusiasm I do, not sure most men enjoy this season as much as women do, but I still try and get him to sit back, relax and enjoy the season.

Why do I love this time of year?  I love the happyness everyone seems to have and project, I love the decor, I love the lights, I love the music, the food, the friends, family and the ability everyone has to come together no matter what has gone on or happened the rest of the year.

I am trying to find traditions Trav and I can start for our Christmas’s together and am finding it hard because so many of my memories are when we were kids, so I really can’t wait to have kids to start traditions with.  I think now our traditions are a new ornament every year and me forcing Trav to listen to Christmas music, decorate and do other holiday activities.  🙂

What was great about the start of this holiday season was that Trav and I went back to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with both of our families.  It was great to have Thanksgiving with the Proctor’s as I don’t think we have had everyone over on Thanksgiving, even if just for appetizers, for at least 3-4 years, maybe even more.  To be able to see my cousins, my aunts and uncles and Kyle and his new wife was so wonderful.  Then Trav and I were able to spend an entire day with the Power family, Caris, Robin, Vince and Maile for a little bit.  It was so great to hear all about Robin and Cari’s amazing trip, see the pictures and play games it was great.

So with 23 days left until Christmas I hope to try and blog every day with things I am grateful for, traditions my family used to do and reasons I love Christmas.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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